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We are not just dealers. We also offer you an all-round service. International machine trade is complex and can be very risky. Therefore we are the right contact for you. You want to buy or sell a machine? We are happy to help you. We are happy to support you in making the right choice of machine. With experienced sales staff and a large customer portfolio we are always committed to find the right machine for you. The priority is to contribute to your growth. We have a product range tailored to the packaging industry.

After your purchase decision we will take care of everything. Starting with the dismantling of the machine, repairs and reconditioning if necessary, to the transport, assembly and rebuilding of the machine in your company. We are aware of the importance and the costs, that everything has to be done smoothly and that the products have to work perfectly.
For more than 15 years of experience and knowledge, we have been offering you the most accurate and fastest solutions that fully meet your needs. 

If necessary, we will take care of all the formalities, regardless of whether the machine is abroad or not. Until the first commissioning of your new acquisition, we are at your disposal with advice and assistance.

We are the right partner for the purchase of a used printing and packaging machine.

The PP LION GmbH is constantly growing together with you.